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04 January 2016 @ 05:26 am
So. I failed to finish my to-do list. And I'm sorry orz. I'm still going to try finishing it tho, so no worries. It'll probably just take a while because of some reason... Anyway...
It's a new year which means it's time for The Annual New Fandom Recap! (Previous years: 2012 / 2013 / 2014) For a loooong time, I thought I will not put more than two groups of people in this post because I don't really have a lot of new fandoms this year after being into a certain duo. I mean, I thought all I need to post is this screenshot and be done with it:

But nah, the second half of 2015 arrived and there are other people and shows I got into and here they are. Fandoms are arranged from "minor" to the one with most impact to me this year (so you know already who the last one is):

New Girl
I started watching this show for Bob's Burgers' Boo Boo. Yepp. The show has its problems (like the whole third season) but I still adore the friendships (sometimes). Season 5 is coming!

Suda Masaki / Takahashi Issei / Hasegawa Hiroki
I put them in one section because my thing for them unfortunately didn't get so big.
Kuragehime (HE'S SO GOOD AS KURANOSUKE. SO GOOD. ), Kamen Rider W (haven't actually finished it but I ADORE his character), Shinegami-kun, Juui DolittleTamiou (EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS ESP. KAIBARA. THANK GOODNESS FOR THE EXISTENCE OF THAT CHARACTER!) ▪ Date (what a cute drama), Suzuki Sensei (just... brilliant. That one episode still amazed me.)

Chris Hemsworth
This one is very recent that's why I still have his pics in my iPod put him after the previously mentioned actors; THE FEELS ARE STILL FRESH. I haven't actually seen him in anything outside the MCU and only watched interviews and I thought he's really charming OH AND my goodness the Saturday Night Live episodes he hosted are amazing (the second one is not really good in general but he still gave all he got and that always gets an A+ in my heart).

Destiny Rose
I rarely watch local TV shows and when I do, I'm really into it. 2015 also has AlDub and while I did get into them for some weeks, another local phenomenon got me more interested and that's Destiny Rose. The script is kinda cringe-worthy but I guess that's why it's in the afternoon block. Also, I almost cried several times watching this so that's something... And I didn't almost cry because it's so sad (the earlier eps are mostly tho), but because it's so beautiful (Destiny telling her sister and mother who she really is in particular). I haven't caught up with it in a while but I'll still try to update because for a country like ours, to have a show like Destiny Rose on national TV is groundbreaking imho.

One Direction
I'm more into their music and reading their messes on the 'net *grabs popcorn* but having their posters in our room makes me happy (my only musical faves whose albums are available here thus the posters).
Most listened tracks in 2015 accdg. to last.fm: 1.) Moments (I am not surprised; I LIKE THEIR SAPPY SONGS) ▪ 2.) Over Again (told you) ▪ 3.) Irresistible (another part of their discography that I like are the McFLY-written songs) ▪ 4.) Best Song Ever (the video that started it all) ▪ 5.) Kiss You ▪ 6.) Night Changes ▪ 7.) I Would (see #3; also this song is MY JAM) ▪ 8.) Story of my life ▪ 9.) Through the dark ▪ 10.) Summer Love

Bob's Burgers
I already saw the first four seasons last year for some SNL alumni guest stars but I never really got into the show back then. I mean, I liked it but not as much as how I like it now. I like it so much I think I finished the whole series A LOT OF TIMES THIS YEAR ALONE (mostly with one of my cousins who I got hooked to it). IT'S SO CUTE. It fills the void Parks and Rec left, as Bob's is also a very heartwarming (#familygoals / #relationshipgoals tbh) and funny show and all of you should watch it BECAUSE IT'S SO HEARTWARMING AND FUNNY.
Favorite (also recommended) episodes: Boyz 4 Now (S03E21) ▪ The Hauntening (S06E03; yesss I LOVE Boyz 4 Now) ▪ Turkey in a Can (S04E05) ▪ Bob Day Afternoon (S02E02) ▪ O.T.: The Outside Toilet (S03E15) ▪ Purple Rain-Union (S04E06) ▪ Broadcast Wagstaff School News (S03E12) ▪ Sheesh! Cab, Bob? (S01E06) ▪ Can't Buy Me Math (S05E11) ▪ Bob Fires the Kids (S03E03)

I think this pimp post says it all.
Most listened tracks in 2015 accdg. to last.fm (which they friggin' dominated in just one year): 1.) カナブン (SEVERELY UNDERRATED AND SHOULD BE HEARD BY EVERYONE BECAUSE IT'S ONE OF THE PRETTIEST THING EVER) ▪ 2.) 背中 (this song always DESTROYS me... it's beautiful ) ▪ 3.) (it's just... so touching) ▪ 4.) 月影 ▪ 5.) からっぽ (go-to "I'm so mad I'm so sad" song) ▪ 6.) みらい ▪ 7.) かける ▪ 8.) シシカバブー (MY JAM) ▪ 9.) LOVE & PEACH ▪ 10.) 第九のベンさん (SO FUN TO PLAY ON GUITAR)